Enable popup windows for this site by the following:

Internet Explorer 6 for Windows XP Service Pack 2:

(If you are not running Windows XP SP2 please skip to the section on Additional POP UP BLOCKERS)
1. Select the 'Tools' menu
2. Select 'Pop-up Blocker'
3. Select 'Pop-up Blocker Settings...'


In the Pop-up Blocker Settings dialog box:

1. Type mwd.azteclearning.com in the 'Address of Web site to allow' text box
2. Click 'Add'
3. Click 'Close'


4. Click the 'Back' button on the address bar.


If you have followed these instructions, and are still getting the message about a pop-up blocker, you may have additional pop-up blocking software installed. Click the button below to be to be taken to the ADDITIONAL POP UP BLOCKERS page.